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Staff Bio: Kiersten Rex

 We think we have a great team here at Messenger and we’d love for you to get to know us!  We’re publishing a few posts featuring each member, and today we want you to get to know our Head Roaster, Kiersten.



Kiersten grew up in Independence, Missouri. Her first real coffee experience didn’t involve fancy coffee -- in high school she loved mochas. Later, a trip to a Kenyan coffee farm had a profound impact on her perspective of coffee, where she saw the intricacies of the process. Coming back from the trip, she got involved with a local cafe and began her journey from barista to roaster (one of 3 female roasters in Kansas City).


All these years later she’s a part owner with us in Messenger, and we’re super proud of her work and her level of skill in coffee. Her passion is to see people come together over great coffee, as well as educating about the farmers that make the coffee excellent. She’s the incredibly consistent heart of the company, showing up for long days carefully crafting roasts and helping us carry the quality of the farm to our cafe partners.

Kiersten's Favorites

Favorite coffee brewing method:
Bee House

Favorite place to eat in Kansas City:
Winsteads every time. Except date night - then it’s Westside Local

Fun fact: Kiersten loves hanging out with high schoolers in her neighborhood and loves throwing parties for people. She’s a consummate host and kick ass dancer.

What song gets you on the dance floor: Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.”

Stay Tuned

We are going to continue featuring the rest of our amazing staff in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.  

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