Ethiopia Belayneh Bariso


belayneh bariso

$ 40.00
A limited release Ethiopian available now and until supplies last! Comes in our Farm Direct Origin Collection box with booklet and more details on this amazing coffee. This is not one you will want to miss!

Asnake Bekele is well-known among people who enjoy drinking the very best natural-process Sidama co­ffee. Many years ago, when Asnake worked as the manager of the prominent Sidama Coff­ee Farmer’s Cooperative Union, he presented groundbreaking ideas in how to dry naturals. It is because of these ideas that we have these naturals today.

Now he is breaking new ground in processing! This Limited Oxygen Natural is one of the best coffees Messenger has ever offered, thanks to his creative innovation.





Limited Oxygen Fermentation then dried as a full-natural


Heirloom Varieties


guava, mango, lychee, and brown sugar

Flavor Notes

Over the past several seasons, we have really seen this processing method get well-dialed-in throughout the areas where we work in Ethiopia. Each farm, washing station, and microclimate present a unique set of variables requiring careful adaptation in order for the miller to hit their intended flavor profile and quality targets.