Sumatra Exploration Farm Direct Box

Sumatra Exploration Farm Direct Box

$ 40.00

Unbox the beauty of Sumatra with our Sumatra Exploration Farm Direct Box. This box features a Sumatra-inspired, limited edition illustrated mug paired with three different lots with distinct processing methods, giving each lot a unique flavor profile:

Hendra Double Washed - Tangy and floral with notes of grapefruit, kumquat and hibiscus. Finishing with a maple syrup and toffee sweetness.

Hendra Carbonic Maceration - Loaded with fruity notes of plum jam and blood orange. Balanced by lingering sweet notes of brown sugar and candied pecans. 

Hendra Anaerobic Natural - Tantalizingly sweet and sugary notes of strawberry bubblegum and pineapple gummies make this cup unique. Followed by lingering cherry and floral notes of apricot and black tea.