How We Brew #1 - Matt Matsch

This is the first post of our "How We Brew" series, which will highlight different members of the Messenger crew and one of the ways that person likes to make their coffee. We're big on the idea that great coffee can happen wherever someone knows how to make great coffee. Welcome to knowing, today from Matt Matsch:

For me, using different brewing devices is as fun as trying different coffees. You can take the same coffee and play around with the nuances of its flavor character and body. One of my favorite ways to brew coffee at home is with a Bee House. I live alone and drink a lot of coffee throughout the day, so the small output and easy brewing of the Bee House is perfect. The Bee House, having a slightly thinner paper filter than a Chemex, produces a “juicier”, medium bodied coffee that still has enough clarity to expose a delicate acidity. The low walls allow for great brewing control, while its two drip holes provide a more forgiving extraction. 

A quick Spring/Summer tip for a cold beverage: Try over-loading your Bee House with 46 grams of coffee for iced pour-overs. Use a 1-15 ratio of coffee to water/ice (2/3 water and 1/3 ice) with a 4:30 brew time for a rich and delicious cup that maintains complexity. 

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Tune in next week for another riveting hot tip on how to make coffee!