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NEW coffee release RWANDA GISHEKE

In Rwanda, coffee is more than just a crop. For the people who produce it, coffee is a representation of resilience and growth for their nation.Region - Nyamasheke Washing Station - Gisheke Altitu...
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NEW coffee release CONGO MAPENDO

Africa is the birthplace of coffee. We have likely all heard the story of a young Ethiopian goatherd named Kaldi whose herd stumbled into the magical coffee plants. They danced and danced until Kal...
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Ethiopia Origin Trip

Isaac, our director of sales, sat down with our coffee buyer and co-founder, Nick Robertson, to discuss the relationship between Messenger Coffee and our Farm Direct partners in Ethiopia.Isaac: Eve...
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Messenger is a collaborative vision to create excellent, artisan-level roasts from the best coffees while taking care of our coffee farmers in a way that goes above and beyond the status quo