Beyond Fair Trade Sourced, Roasted in Kansas City

We create excellent, artisan-level roasts from the best coffees available while taking care of our coffee farmers in a way that goes above and beyond the status quo. We are head over heels for discovering new coffees, artfully coaxing out the best characteristics of the bean for you to enjoy. Messenger Coffee is beyond fair trade sourced and manually roasted in Kansas City.





Building new relationships with farmers every year



Santa Ana, El Salvador

Julio Melendez Perez

Finca El Zapote

Acatenango, Guatemala



Sidamo, Ethiopia


Carrying the quality of the farm to the cafe

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Coffee Roaster

Our roasting is a collaboration between Kiersten, our head roaster, and the rest of our team as we work to have the best quality of coffee in our lineup. We roast on two fully manual San Franciscan drum roasters, and everything is still done by hand & by scent & by ear, listening to and smelling coffees at the production level and at the sample level when we are choosing coffees to add to the lineup: We sample and test hundreds of coffee crops per season in search of compelling new coffees, and then roast to highlight these flavors. We roast in smaller batches so we have a little bit more control over the outcome. We never force a coffee to be something that it's not meant to be - our farmers work hard to create great coffees - we are just the messengers.

EST. 2013

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Messenger was born out of a collaboration between three coffee companies with like minded people coming together to create a Kansas City coffee company focused on great coffee and good relationships. We're huge on cafe relationships, and we're big on respecting and improving coffee quality at the farm. Over the years we've moved warehouses a couple of times, growing slowly while making sure the cafes and farmers we work with are treated well and the coffee quality stays high. Come visit us in our landmark headquarters space at 1624 Grand Blvd., in the Cross Roads Art District in downtown Kansas City!

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Direct engagement with coffee farmers' needs

the farm direct badge

We established our 'Farm Direct Badge' to certify a coffee purchased under a contract that directly impacts improvements with the farmers of that coffee. This always includes offering a high end price with prices negotiated at the farm level. By making deals at the farm level we avoid some big margin or middleman that could prevent us from helping the farmers.

Giveback stamps
Giveback stamps

finca colombia

We worked with Mario Valiente in El Salvador to fund the building of raised beds by paying a premium for his coffee earmarked for this improvement. Raised beds allow coffee to be processed in different ways, which can increase the variety of cup character and cup score, therefore allowing Finca Colomba to charge higher prices in the future and provide better coffees.