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Barista Feature: Kyle Weishaar

We want to continue featuring the wonderfully talented baristas amongst our partnering cafes.

Today, we want to introduce you to Kyle Weishaar.





Being a KC native, Kyle got his start in coffee back in 2007, after he was introduced to the local cafe manager of Homers Coffee House at the ripe age of 16. Helping people has always been a constant value for Kyle. In college, he began studying nuclear mechanical engineering in pursuit of helping people on a large scale. His creative passions for writing and photography seemed juxtaposed to his more scientific endeavors of school. As Kyle continued to grow as a barista, however, he began to discover how these two opposites seemed to be interwoven in a single cup of coffee. 

Yet it wasn't just the coffee that appealed to him. "The customer relationships that are formed through my work make being a barista really rewarding. I know more about my customers' lives than my own family's half the time," he says. 



Where you can find him

These days Kyle spends the majority of his time as a barista at Crows Coffee.



When he isn't catching up on his customers' lives, he can probably be found behind the bar pouring perfect tulips. He prefers 4-shot lattes in a mug, "a latte artist's dream," he says. Outside the cafe, Kyle enjoys camping, traveling, and seeing new places. His creativity is kept alive by continuing to write and read other's writing, which is an ongoing passion.



Stay Tuned

The coffee culture in KC is ever evolving, and we hope to continue featuring the many talented baristas within our community. Stay tuned. 

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04 May


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