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Brewing Guide: Bee House

How to brew our Nicaragua El Suspiro.

The Bee House is our go-to brewing device here at Messenger, producing a clean and balanced cup that can be brewed quickly with minimal clean-up.
What You’ll Need:



Bee House Ceramic Single Cup Brewer

Melitta #2 Filter

Burr Grinder

Pouring Kettle (Hot water heated at 202˚)

Digital Gram Scale


Mug/coffee pitcher

Brew Time:

2:30-3 minutes




Insert Filter
Fold Melitta #2 filter along bottom seams. Insert it into the Bee House Brewer and place it on top of your mug or pitcher.

Rinse Filter.
Pre-rinse the filter with hot water to rinse out the paper flavor and preheat your brewer and mug. Discard the rinse water.

Weigh and Grind Coffee.
Measure 25g of coffee beans. Grind them to medium fine or about as fine as sea salt.

Settle Grounds.
Pour the ground coffee into the filter, giving a gentle shake to settle the grounds. Tare to ‘0 grams.’

Saturate Grounds.
Start the timer before you add hot water (202˚). Saturate the grounds. Coffee degasses or blooms when it’s fresh – the coffee bed should rise up and bubble up a bit. Amount of water should be about 40g.
FIll the Brewer.
Slowly pour with pulses to reach 390g by 2-2:30 minutes. Pour the water evenly in a spiral over the coffee bed, pouring over the dark spots and avoiding the light ones.

Serve and Enjoy.
Once you hit 2:30-3 minutes, you should have 390g of brewed coffee. Remove and discard the filter and brewed grounds. Drink up and enjoy!

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21 April


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