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Brewing Guide: Chemex




Since its invention in 1941, the Chemex has been a must have in every coffee enthusiast’s line up. Its design (leather cord, wood handle, tapered glass) not only brews several cups for you and your friends, but also makes you look good while brewing. Head over to our blog for an in-depth guide on brewing with a Chemex.



What you will need: 

  • Chemex
  • Chemex Filter
  • Gooseneck Kettle (Hot water heated at 202˚)
  • Scale/Timer
  • 42 g coffee, medium coarse grind (similar to kosher salt.)
  • Mug/decanter 


Brew Time:

4 - 5 minutes




Insert Filter


Fold Chemex filter and place into the cone of a clean Chemex. The thick side should be on the same side as the spout.




Rinse Filter


Fill your kettle with 200°-205° filtered water and wash over the filter taking care to rinse fully. Drain the rinse water by lifting the thick side of the filter away from the spout.




Add Ground Coffee


Add 42g or about 6 Tablespoons of coffee ground kind of like Kosher salt. Center the coffee in your brewer and zero out the scale.





Saturate the Grounds


Start the timer as you gently saturate the bed of coffee. Use around 75 g of water or enough to ensure that the coffee bed has zero visible dry coffee grounds.






Add More Water


Wait 30-40 seconds. 30 seconds for older coffee and 40 for freshly roasted.
Begin a fairly intense circular pour to break up the degassing process. Try using around 100 grams, bringing the scale up to 175 g.




Fill to the top

@ 1:00, pour to 275 g. Keep this and the remaining pours centered and steady.
@ 1:30, pour to 375 g
@ 2:00, pour to 475 g
@ 2:30, pour to 575 g
@ 3:15, pour to 675 g



Step 7

Wait for it to brew

Let the bed drain. This should take 4-5 minutes. Pinch the tops of the filter together and dispose of the grounds.



Serve and Enjoy

Pour into two cups and share the coffee with someone you love.



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