Christopher Elbow + Messenger Coffee Collaboration Chocolate

Kansas City chocolate collaboration

We connected with Christopher Elbow for the first time last year. In our initial conversation, we found out he was on the verge of launching his first "bean to bar" project, and that he would be sourcing specific cacao to roast in-house.
We thought, what if we could feature region-matched cacao and coffee in a chocolate bar?
Christopher elbow chocolate collaboration
We chose to match the flavor profiles of the cacao he sourced with like-character coffees: Tanzania cacao with our naturally processed Ethiopia, Hafursa. Bolivia cacao with our naturally processed Nicaragua, Las Delicias. Cacao from Peru with our Caza De Calidad coffee from Peru. Each pairing is set to allow the coffee to enhance the existing flavor profiles instead of over-powering them, resulting in three incredibly delicious chocolate bars. 


We chose to incorporate a relatively small amount of coffee (1.8-2% vs 10%), but due to the matched terroir, the clarity and balance in flavor is still strong.

Messenger Coffee - Christopher Elbow chocolate collaboration

During the process of this collaboration, we visited the production facility, and of course, got to enjoy incredible chocolate. Moving forward, we are excited to try new combinations of cacao and coffee alongside the expertise of Christopher Elbow and keep the bars coming! 
Messenger Coffee and Christopher Elbow Kansas City chocolate

You can pick up all three of our Christopher Elbow collaboration chocolate bars on our store, click here.