Landline – A New Blend from Messenger


Drawing the line from grower to cup.

Region: Multi (Colombia, Peru)
Processing: Washed
Roast: Light
Flavor Notes: Creamy, Citrus, Cacao

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We are excited to introduce Landline, a new coffee blend by Messenger Coffee Company. However, we can’t truly describe what makes this coffee unique without sharing the stories and thoughts that led to its creation.  



From the beginning of time, stories were told face to face. As people spread across the globe, communication across the wide expanse became more and more valued. Messages required many hands: postal services, pony express routes, telegraphs, or marathon runners to reach their goal. It wasn’t until the creation of the telephone that people could hear messages firsthand across great distances. Landlines were stretched from one voice to another. The voice of each caller was now heard in real-time.


As a plow turns a row of soil, a planter follows behind. She stops every few feet to kneel in the dirt and place a seedling into the soft volcanic soil. Her trowel and hands pull up fresh earth as the roots are placed gently into their new home. She gathers herself back to her feet gazing back along the line of new plants that follow her across the terraced mountainside along the newly carved landline.


Searching for the spot on their land that best suits the newly-acquired and prized coffee variety, a farmer traces the landlines on the topographical map. Each curve and layer pings a memory of the plants, the rocks, and the shadows of that slope or knoll. Connected to his memory of the soil, he considers each feature with the focus of a craftsman, pondering the factors that may hinder or help this yet-so-unfamiliar plant in his pursuit of the best coffee he can achieve on the land he has.

These stories, the connections between people and to the land, led to the creation of Landline.



This blend captures that sense of connection. Often the voice of a coffee is lost in a blend. Many blends are roasted to a point that conceals the individuality and flavor of each coffee. This blend is different. The coffee is lightly roasted, preserving the taste of place for each coffee, while still allowing each flavor to meld with the other cohesively and deliciously. As the coffee is sipped, each farmer’s, picker’s, miller’s, roaster’s, and brewer’s work speaks through the cup. Their message will be heard. Their work will be honored. The land they cut to grow this coffee will be celebrated.

A line can be drawn to divide or to connect. We draw this landline to connect the dots between each farm we source from. We connect these coffees in a special blend that is bright and enlightening. We are honored to offer this unique take on our coffee – Landline.


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