New Coffee Release: Colombia Monteblanco Pink Bourbon

Country - Colombia
Region - Huila
Altitude – 1730 masl
Varietal – Pink Bourbon
Process – Cold Washed





Colombia is a perfectly situated coffee-growing country with its high mountain peaks and its proximity to the equator. These create ideal growing conditions and allow the country to produce only Arabica coffee. However, this lack of diversity leaves many of the coffee varieties that grow there at risk for disease, such as coffee leaf rust. Previous outbreaks have had a significant impact on coffee production in Colombia. Historically known to use the washed processing method, in recent years the country has built a reputation for producing quality coffee using new and innovative processing methods. Colombia’s coffee-growing regions are full of many microclimates due to its different mountain ranges and wet climate. This allows for several Arabica coffee varieties to thrive and produce different cup profiles from region to region. Many of Colombia’s coffees grown at these high elevations are sought after worldwide and often appear in global coffee competitions.

The Region of Huila, where this farm, Monteblanco is located, sits between two Andes Mountain Ranges and in the Magdelena River Valley. This has provided the area with a bountiful water source, varying microclimates, and nutrient-rich soil. The coffees that come from this region are often complex with fruity, sweet, and floral characteristics and intense aromas.

Monteblanco is managed by Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia, a fourth-generation coffee producer and the discoverer of the Pink Bourbon variety. Sanchez has been at the forefront of innovation and leadership in Colombian coffee for decades. In 2013, he co-founded Aromas del Sur, a collection of coffee farms, focused on educating and training coffee producers on agricultural practices, business practices, and cup quality. The Aromas del Sur Dry Mill opened in 2019, allowing producers to bring their coffees to be processed using various processing methods.


This beautiful Pink Bourbon variety from Monteblanco was processed using a cold fermentation method. During this processing method, the de-pulped coffee seeds are placed in tank of water in a cold room, allowing for extended fermentation. That extended fermentation ensures that coffee cherries with higher  concentrations of sugars can slowly ferment without causing defects in the seed. This results in more complex, sweet, and vibrant flavors. The Monteblanco Pink Bourbon boasts warming flavors of ginger tea, baking spices, brown butter, and rich caramel, balanced by a zesty lime acidity.