Cupping is the fastest way to taste multiple coffees side by side, at the same temperature, and with full transparency. It’s the process used at the farm, in the roaster’s lab, and in the cafe for a quick analysis. Although we wouldn’t normally suggest it as a way to drink coffee at home, what else are you going to do with the last 12 grams of coffee in the bag?

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8 ounce bowl


Cup of rinse water



Gooseneck Kettle






14 G Coffee

Medium Grind

8 ounces Filtered Water

Just off the boil
or 200-205°


  1. Fill a cup with warm water and a spoon. Keep nearby.
  2. Add ground coffee to an 8 ounce bowl.
  3. Smell the dry fragrance and take note.
  4. Pour hot water over grounds to the top of the bowl and start timer.
  5. Smell the aroma and take note.
  6. After 4 minutes, break up the crust with a spoon while taking in the aroma and letting the coffee grounds sink to the bottom.
  7. Skim the surface with a spoon or two, removing the micro particles, foam and oils and discarding them. The surface should be reasonably clean, like a cup of a french pressed coffee.
  8. Use a spoon to collect a sample of coffee from the bowl and slurp it, spraying coffee across your palate.
  9. Repeat step 8 over and over again, taking notes and enjoying/analyzing the coffee as it cools down