Ask Me Anything

How long will coffee stay fresh?

We like our coffee fresh: it's best from about 2 days after the roast date til up to 2 weeks. Science says that it'll be safe to consume for months and months to come, but it certainly won't be very tasty.

How should I store my coffee?

Somewhere the air can't get it, where the bugs won't be tempted, in some sort of a sealed container.

Where can I buy Messenger coffee?

Right here on this very website. We ship you super fresh coffee in super fresh packaging straight to your door. You don't even have to turn off Netflix.

Does Messenger coffee sell out of any retail locations?

Why, yes! Click on over to "Our Partners" page and find out what cafés we are currently working with. 

Where are your organic coffees?

"Here, there, and everywhere." -The Wizard of Oz ... No really, we have some USDA certified organic coffees, and we have some that are not certified. However, all of our farmers use organic growing methods. The Organic certification can be very expensive for farmers, so not all are able to pursue this route. However, nearly all adhere to natural and as-sustainable-as-possible growing practices.