Helping you change 
the world.

When we started this company, we did so with the intention of listening to coffee farmers, and responding to their individual needs. As a result of that commitment, we started the Messenger Give Back Initiative. In addition to our commitment to pay above Fair Trade prices for green coffee, we give 10% of our coffee buying straight back to the coffee farming communities we work with - or we'll give that 10% back to your missional program.


Coffee farming community development // Give back

"Helping" is a tricky word. We know that throwing money at a problem is usually not the best way to solve it, so we work with the Center for Fair and Alternative Trade, one of the pioneering organizations that works on the ground in coffee farming communities, to identify specific needs and help meet them. Some organizations need schools, some need agricultural assistance, some just need clean water. We feel that the least we can do for these communities that provide us awesome coffee beans is to connect the people drinking the final product (your coffee customers!) with the potential for meaningful improvements in these farming communities....Or we can give back to your program. We understand that you're probably doing some pretty cool things too, and we are happy to give 10% of our coffee buying back to your non-profit; whether that's your mission board or an arts development program. Let's make it happen.