Thoughtfully sourced from the beginning

We're constantly on the hunt for very tasty, very interesting coffees. We believe we're finding some of the best coffee farms in the world and connecting our coffee drinkers with them. 

Before any coffee beans had ever hit our roasters, we decided that our first priority was to take care of our coffee farmers and the communities that they live in. Too long has the coffee industry ignored this premise or dressed it up with fancy certification titles and confusing words. Our partnership with the Center for Fair and Alternative Trade lends us a leading team of graduate students and researchers who are on the ground in coffee growing regions around the world. This team advises and refines our coffee trading processes until they are as pure as a ripe coffee cherry.

What does this look like, practically?

The craft, organic, carefully sourced food world is getting overloaded with jargon right now, so let's cut through it a little bit: We are paying our farmers much higher rates than Fair Trade prices. This gets our farmers and their families much closer to having the things that we believe all humans deserve: education, health care, proper nutrition and a roof over their heads. We have Ph.D students from acclaimed universities on the ground in coffee producing communities discovering their needs and informing us how best to react to them.